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The early bird may catch the worm…

But some things are just better if you wait a bit.  For example, I bought a bunch of bananas a fortnight ago.  I only like them when they are still tinged with green, but I plum forgot to eat them.  So I just made myself a yummy choco-banana milkshake, because overripe bananas make excellent thickshakes, and you don’t even have to add any sugar. 

I launched a new product late last year, fabric covered diaries.  They did really well, and there are lots of people out there that have a wonderful 2011 diary by The Sewphist keeping them happy in their organised ways.  But I’m sure that there are also a significant number of people out there who are just like me, and about now they’re realising that they really need a new diary for this year if they’re going to succeed in that New Year’s resolution that this is the year that they’re going to get organised…

Late-starters rejoice, because my first featured product of the year is 2011 diaries.  I’ve just listed several on my felt shop, at special late-starter pricing.  

mini diary assortment
Mini Diaries featuring NZ flora, now just $10 each at
A5 Sampler pack
A5 Diaries by The Sewphist, many featuring NZ flora or native birds. Now just $20 each at

Because the late owl surely catches the bargain.  That’s my view of it, anyway!