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I <3 Felt Wednesdays - Time after time

Browsing the front page of Felt today something under Fresh on Felt caught my eye.  It was a clock.  A magic, enchanted clock.  It’s by a new seller, snowfawn, and it is totally adorable.

So then of course I had to look for more clocks.  Below, ladies and gentlemen, is my pick of what I found. Lasercut clocks, clocks made out of plates, clocks that look like they are straight out of Dr Suess, and even clocks made out of record players!!!  (And there are also clocks made out of records, but I don’t think you could play them on the record player clocks…)

And to mark the passage of time, take a closer look at that record clock.  Would I be giving away too much if I mentioned that I happened to once have the album that single came from on cassette?  Apparently memorabilia from my 3rd form year is now vintage.  How quickly time doth pass.  *Le sigh*.

enchanted forest wall clock
Cutsom reCLASSIFIED clock for Tim.
Mantle Clock
Crown Lynn Plateclock by Reloved Vintage
Pukeko Wall Clock
Vinyl record clock (Bobby Brown)