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Psssst… remember me?

Wow, it’s been such a long time, that I nearly don’t remember me. I’ve been doing so many exciting things since I last posted (the biggest of which was still secret at the time of my last post, but is well and truly public now) and I promise I’ll be back soon to update you on them.

But in the meantime, I have a problem. I haven’t seen my second-best pair of shears for at least a month. And my second-best pair of shears also happen to be my first-best pair of shears when it comes to turning corners, which I do rather a lot of. So, I’m enlisting your help… Tell me where you think my shears are, and the person who comes closest will win a prize pack. I haven’t decided exactly what will be in it, but it will consist of goodies made by me, and be worth around the $50 mark.

To give you a start, here is a picture of my work space on a good day…

The Sewphist's workbench

I also have a cutting table, sewing table, and shelving beside my machines.  And I’ve done some sewing outside the house in the last couple of months too, so it’s not beyond the realms of possibility that they are off having a holiday somewhere.  So really, you should feel free to be as oddly-specific as you like in your suggestions.  It is not beyond the realms of possibility to say “under the turquoise fabric that is sitting 10 inches to the right of the iron” or “under the ironing pile at a house of a friend whose name begins with Q” (although I don’t actually think I have any friends whose name begins with Q…).  Oh, and I have done some sewing at the shop as well, so that opens up your possibilities (there goes a hint as to what my next update might contain).

I’ll let the competition run until I find my scissors, or until the end of the month.  Whichever comes first.  If I don’t actually find them, the suggestion that amuses me the most will win.  And while that is highly subjective, no discussion will be entered into :-).

You can enter here, or on my FB page (and judging by my email notifications in the last few minutes, I’ve got a few over there already!)


ETA – Wow, it turns out that FB managed to find them even before I finished writing this.  So… I’m going to alter this slightly, and give away a second prize pack to the person who manages to regale me with the most amusing story of where they once found a missing item.

Illustration of a tauhou or waxeye perched on a twig of kōwhai.

Tēnā koe,
it’s nice to meet you.

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