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Friday Night Makes

I’ve been working on building my business for a few years now. I’m pretty good at getting on bursts of sewing when there is a deadline – especially if there’s a market looming, but I was starting to get to the point where I was feeling overwhelmed with making things for others, and never making anything for myself. This was enhanced by the fact that I was working in the shop every Saturday, and so never really felt like I’d had a proper weekend.

Tamarillo Daquiri
Tamarillo Daiquiri – Lampshade from Zamm Lights

So for the last 6 weeks or so, I’ve been dedicating my Friday nights to making something for myself.  In May, this was 2 sweatshirt dresses – which I still have to blog about properly as part of the Wellington Sewing Bloggers Network’s May Burda Month – and I still have to get proper photos of myself in order to blog them.  They are very comfortable though, and have become absolute staples in my wardrobe (I think I wear one or other of them at least 3 days a week!).  June saw the creation of a lampshade, two very delicious tamarillo daiquiris (my winter cocktail speciality), and a new tee-shirt. And one Friday night where I cheated and made lampshades to sell at a market the next day.

The first Friday in July was just before my birthday, so the make that night was Tollhouse cookies so I’d have something in the tins for my friends who came to visit for afternoon tea.  And now it’s Friday night again, and I’m pondering what to make.  I think I’m going to cheat a little, and work on a bag for a friend, because that will make my friend happy, and happy friends makes a happy me!

It’s a little cold tonight, and I’ve just got the fire blazing in the living room, so I think I’m going to ignore the “all sewing paraphenalia must remain in the workroom” rule and bring my machine up and sew on the dining table, like a proper home sewphist.

If you’re not making anything tonight, why not whip yourself up a cocktail, and plan out your weeekend make?  I’d love to hear what your making – and I need some inspiration as to what I should make for myself next Friday too, so feel free to make suggestions!

Tamarillo Daiquiri

Makes one

2 ripe tamarillos
30 ml sugar syrup
30 ml Bacardi
30 ml lime juice

Blend with ice and pour into martini glass.

Yes, it’s that simple, and you’ll impress the socks of your friends when you serve it up to them.  You can usually get enough for two if you use 3 large tamarillos and double the other ingredients. You can make the sugar syrup really easily by heating up a little water, maybe 1/4 of a cup, and then adding sugar until no more will desolve in it. If you make more than you need, it will store in the fridge for a little while as long as you put it in a clean, air-tight jar.

Consume responsibly!


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