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Fabric of the week – it’s back


I’ve been busy catching up on all sorts of things, and I’ve been meaning to post all week, but here I am, just managing to get to it at the end of the week.

I’ve got a few markets coming up over the coming weeks, and seeing as it’s Christmas and all next month, I thought it would be nice to make a few toys.  So this week I’ll be cracking out the polar fleece.

It's a pile of polar fleece!
It’s a pile of polar fleece!

Ok, so it doesn’t look to fancy like that, but remember these guys:

Soft toys
Little Blue Penguins

Yep! They’re an example of the cuteness that polar fleece can become. Maybe if I get really ambitious I’ll design something new too.

Due to impending aforementioned markets, I’m not opening these up for preorder this week, but I will get some up in my felt store in the next week or two.

Speaking of Felt, I’ve been listing!

Here’s the lampshade I made from the last fabric of the week.  I do also have one made from the Spade Damask I featured back in September, but I haven’t quite managed to get the colour right in the photos yet for that one…

Lampshade - Pink and Orange Diamonds






And here’s a cute wee matching set – wallet and coin purse (each sold separately).

Wallet - Yellow and brown stripe with floral

Yellow and brown floral zip purse