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Cupcake Day for the SPCA

This coming Monday is Cupcake Day for the SPCA.  What’s that you ask?  It’s one of their major fundraisers, where home cooks around the country bake cupcakes, and cupcake connoisseurs give a donation to the SPCA in order to get one to eat.

My lovely neighbour is a true animal lover (I’ve lost count of how many gorgeous pets she has, everything from fish to Samoyeds).  She also works for the local Pet Centre, and each year they join in with Cupcake Day – including roping in friends and family to bake!  This year they are holding their Cupcake Day on Saturday 24 August. So can you guess yet what my Friday Night Make was this week?

Yep. Cupcakes!

A batch of cooling cupcakes
Vegan-friendly even

As they’re for the SPCA, I’ve made them free of animal products.  The secret ingredient in these babies is tahini, which makes them wonderfully moist, and they have a hint of nuttiness to them too.  Delish!

I have no idea how much they’ll be asking for them, but these are getting picked up from my kitchen at around 8 tomorrow morning, and will be available from The Pet Centre in Lower Hutt. Why not head on down and buy one.  It’s for the animals, after all!

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Quick advice needed – Friday night make!

So tomorrow night I’m going on an outing with the Wellington Sewing Bloggers’ Network to the opening of the Dowse’s Home Sewn Exhibition.  I’m pretty excited about this, because I love sewing, and I love celebrating the things that people make for themselves and their loved ones.

However, I’ve had a rather jammed packed life lately.  Dinner and/or movie dates on Friday nights have put paid to my selfish sewing time (in a most enjoyable manner), and I’ve also just spent a week down south visiting family.  Which means that tonight is the night to get my dress started… and finished!

I made the toile last night, and it fits pretty well, so I’ll be go go go tonight – as soon as I can decide which fabric to make up!

Which of these two fabrics should I choose?
Which of these two fabrics should I choose?

There are two choices:

a) Teal/blue diagonal striped wool/silk blend.

b) Hot pink and black tiny houndstooth – I have no idea what it is off the top of my head, but it didn’t burn, and it didn’t melt…

Both fabrics are a little brighter than the image suggests. I’m working on my hubby’s laptop tonight, so I don’t have my normal correction software – nor a lot of time to figure out his.

Which should I make up? You have until I finish my dinner to help me make up my mind!