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Fabric of the Week: Sweet Diamonds

I’m sorry I’m a day late this week: we had a night out with friends yesterday, that turned into a very late night after a little incident with a parking building that changed its night time access…

I’m going simple this week.  I’ve always loved this print in pink and orange diamonds, with a sweet floral detail.  For some reason it reminds me of old-fashioned wallpaper, and at the same time Roald Dahl books.  I think it is somewhat reminiscent of the Quentin Blake illustrations.

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I’ve had this fabric for a while, and I have made some notebooks and wallets from it in the past.  I have just enough left of it for a lampshade, and maybe if I’m parsimonious with my cutting a coin purse too.

I know that’s not a lot, but I came down with a virus a fortnight ago that really knocked me around.  I don’t think I’ve ever taken as much Ventolin before as I had to this time (plus I was on other meds too).  I ended up having to cancel two fairs last weekend as I was just too ill to leave the house.  I also didn’t get much sewing done in that time, so I’ve got a bit to catch up on from the last two fabrics of the week as well.

PS It was really lovely to log in and see that so many of you had checked in since yesterday. Thank you!


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Fabric of the Week: Spade Damask

Hello! This is a little exciting – it’s time for my first Fabric of the Week announcement.

This week I’ll be working with a fabric I picked up on a Wellington Sewing Bloggers fabric buying roadie – after High Tea in Palmerston North we headed to the massive Arthur Toye store there, and this caught my eye.

Spade Damask in Jasmine
Spade Damask in Jasmine

The fabric is Spade Damask from the Ginseng range by Joel Dewsberry.  It’s a cotton sateen, perfect for home décor such as lampshades and cushions.  It will also make lovely tote bags and coin purses.  I’ve got around two metres of this fabric, and I’ll be cutting into it on Monday. If you’d like to order something for yourself from this fabric, let me know by Monday lunchtime and I’ll give you a discounted price. I don’t have my new online shop set up yet, but you can let me know what you want by sending me a message.

While you think about what you’d like, here’s a picture of a lampshade I made from this a few weeks ago, and currently available at Made it.

12" Lampshade
12″ Lampshade – $90, available at Made it