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I <3 Felt Wednesday Showcase - Dress me up!

I have a new way of doing things in my wardrobe – dresses!  I’ve especially been loving the versatility of knit dresses.  If I ever manage to actually make it to the gym before work, they’re a lot less hassle when it comes to getting dressed.  Or on the odd occasion that I bike the 18 km to work, they pack down nicely in my panier.

I’ve also been trying to be much more conscientious in my fashion choices, buying predominantly NZ or Australian made clothes.  And now it’s time to take it one step closer, and start buying handmade (when I’m not making something for myself, of course).

I took a look on felt to see what is available in the way of dresses, and this is what I found.  As you can see, I’m torn between sleek merino dresses and pretty feminine dresses.  Merino won out this time (it being winter and all) and I’m having one custom-made by harpie-girl!


Wren Dress in Zara

One-Shoulder Dress Trimmed with Feathers

Tunic dress in olive linen

1950's inspired white and gingham pinup dress - custom made to fit

Rockabilly Rules