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Sunday Funday!





I spent the first half of this year focusing more on the training side of my career, and I learnt a few important things from that. Like, it’s wonderful working for a project manager who expects you to be the expert in designing, creating and delivering training, and lets you work accordingly. And that I really do have a big picture bent, so I have to see the outcome first and then plan out the pieces that will go into creating that. If I get to do things that way, everything comes together so easily. (I’d already learnt that I’m not so good at just getting in and starting work on something if I’m not allowed to look at it from all angles first.)

But as much as I loved working in that way, I also wasn’t getting any time to sew. My poor machine didn’t get touched for nearly 3 months… and I felt like something was missing.

What I was able to do when I wasn’t working was to spend some time on my own professional development. There’s been something I’ve been wanting to do for a good couple of years now, and so I’ve been brushing up my skills in that area (as well as doing a couple of business courses).

To get my creative juices flowing, I started by drawing some bunnies.  Mostly these were bunnies I found on the internet, some were pictures sent to me by friends.

And then I decided it was time to learn how to draw using new tools. So I created a digital self-portrait.

Digital self-portrait
I think I finally worked out how to draw using my computer!

Following on to that it was time to design the invitations for a significant birthday party. Like one of those ones that end in a zero. I wanted something fun, so I searched out some penguins, then drew this guy.

Digital drawing of a penguin, dressed up for a party
Why do penguins always make me think of dancing and partying? Maybe it’s the Bluebird ad that does it to me…

I actually have a goal for all this digital drawing.  So today this is what I’ve been working on.

Can you work out what it is I’m really teaching myself to do here? Well… you’ll have to stay tuned until the 1st of September. If you want to get updates, why not sign up for my brand new newsletter, or follow me on Twitter or Facebook, where I’ll be using the hashtag #SpringsWings for updates on this project.

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Happy Dance!

I got the all clear today on my wrist!

Happy little blue penguins!
Happy little blue penguins!


While I’ve known for a few weeks that it wasn’t broken (phew!), they were concerned about tendon damage, so I’ve had to be very careful, and using scissors was absolutely out.  But now I’m allowed to start cutting again!  So I made these wee fellows to celebrate.

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Flat out

Dear Reader,

Please believe me that I have not forgotten you nor my blog.  Life just got a little busy for a bit, then I got to be the other sort of flat out for a little bit, and then it got busy again…

In late February and early March I had quite a bit of contract work on, and I decided to do Newtown Fair with about 10 days notice. So I had a stint of about 3 weeks without a day off. Was that was done though, I got to have my summer holiday with my lovely husband. We headed off for a week in the Coromandel. We ended up spending most of it at Hahei Beach. Originally we had intended to move around a bit more, but once we got there it was so lovely, and we were feeling a bit lazy, so every couple of days we sauntered over to the camp office and paid for two more days.  In between we basically swam, laid around, and occasionally went for a walk.

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Just checking in!

Oops, I didn’t get a chance to to a Wednesday Felt Showcase this week. Next week, I promise!

In the meantime, I’ve been shopping for some new fabrics for making notebook covers and tote bags. My stash is growing at an alarming rate, so I need to remember that holidays are over and start sewing again! I would post pictures of the new fabric, but the connection between the camera and laptop is playing up today. 🙁

Anyway, I promise I’ll have made something new by the end of this week. Promise!

Also, I’m itching to do a giveaway over on The Sewphist’s Facebook Fan page. I’ve been promising to do it as soon as I get to 100 fans, but those last three are eluding me! So, if you haven’t yet, mosey on over there and become a fan. There’s a link at the bottom of the page. Go on, you know you want to. It’ll put you in the draw for a reusable notebook cover (two to be given away!)