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I <3 Felt Wednesday - 10 March 2010

It’s well and truly time for another I <3 Felt Wednesday Showcase. I've been so busy sewing for markets recently, that my wardrobe is looking a little sad and dated. I've started a side project to update my look (check out if you’re interested in seeing my progress – and helping to keep me motivated by commenting 🙂 ). But I also need some new clothes now. So I’ve been busy browing what’s available in the Clothing > Womenswear category on Felt. Here are a few of my favourites:

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  1. Lovely selection Elisabeth! Since starting Felt I set myself a challenge to wear something handmade every day – I don’t always manage it, but I’m gradually building up my handmade wardrobe. The latest addition is a retro swimsuit from Swanwear – I love it! I’ve been eyeing up some of Marian Smale’s belts too…

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