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Just a quick reminder…

…that tomorrow is the mid-winter knack market!

This friendly craft fair is a great way to find out who is new on the Wellington craft scene, and of course there are always lots of your favourite sellers there too 🙂

So, can you guess where I’ll be from 9.30 until 1.30 tomorrow?

Here’s a hint… this is my stall from the autumn knack.

A quick snap taken during a lull. Proof that my favourite sales assistant is a total hunk!

There’s a new venue this time, so make sure you check the details and head to South Wellington Intermediate tomorrow to indulge in some crafy shopping therapy.

Make sure you check the details so you turn up to the right place!

See you tomorrow! <3 <3

2 thoughts on “Just a quick reminder…

  1. That doesn’t look like where I did Knack ages ago – it looks like a fun place. Have they changed the venue? It was so darned cold in a little hall and there were lots of parents who could not afford my dolls. I ahve expanded my range of stuff now so I wonder if its worth doing again?

  2. Hi Marjorie,
    This last one was in a new venue, so they could fit everyone inside. I only got a chance for a couple of quick snaps this time, and I still have to see if they are blog worthy. 🙂
    The knack has such a lovely feel about it, and they look after their sellers so well – even bringing tasty morsels around for you to buy from the food stalls seeing as it is so hard to get away from your own stall sometimes.
    I’m always happy to do this market, especially as it raises funds for such a good cause.

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