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Why I’m excited about Craft Central tomorrow

Ok, I’m always excited about markets, not least because they make me knuckle down and spend time doing what I really love: sewing.

But this market is extra special, because for the first time ever you’ll be able to buy products from fabrics that I’ve designed myself. This is a big deal, and has been not one, but two years in the works. It was October two years ago that I sat down and wrote myself a business plan that included created my own fabrics. I started by learning to screen print, but quickly realised that I’m a bit of a messy bunny, and that wasn’t really going to be the way for me to go.

So instead I’ve been focusing on building my skills using illustration software. I had a bit of an idea about what fabrics I would launch this spring, but then in early July I sat down to eat my lunch and my muse turned up.


My muse
My muse

This fellow sat watching me the whole time I was eating, and then kindly posed for a photo.

The image I drew from that photo became the base for the first of the fabrics in my first range. The other fabrics feature a tui and a kaka, both from photos taken by my husband (you can check out his landscape photography at

Tomorrow at Craft Central is the launch date for products made from those fabrics. I’m starting with wallets, visual diaries and lampshades.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

So, tomorrow is Craft Central. 10 am – 3 pm at The St James Theatre on Courtenay Place, Wellington.

Who’s coming to see me?

It's on tomorrow folks!
It’s on tomorrow folks!
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Markets this weekend

I just had to make one of those calls that really suck.  I’ve been fighting off a virus all week, and by the time I closed the shop today I had to admit that there is no way that I would be in a fit state by the end of tomorrow to run my stall at Belmont School’s Sip’n’Shop Night Out.  If you live in Lower Hutt, you should still head along, because I find that small events like this have such a wonderful atmosphere, and there is always someone new to discover on the craft circuit at them.  Plus they had amazing raffle prizes last year, and you’ve got to be in to win…

Sip n shop flyer jpeg pub.

At this stage I am hoping that if I take it easy tonight and tomorrow I will be up to being at the Spring knack on Saturday. The knack is probably my favourite fair.  It’s always so lovely to see the school community getting in behind an event, and Berhampore School certainly does that here.  There is always a great range of food, and there is always at least one stall run by the students themselves (delicious fudge and awesome cordials are a couple of recent examples).

2013 Spring Knack for email

They do also have a Knack-cessories night market happening on Friday night, if you feel like some shopping without the kiddiewinks.  I won’t be at that, but there will be other great stalls!

2013 Spring Night Market for email

Right, I’m off to slaver myself in Vicks, puff some more Ventolin and down some paracetamol to ease my suffering.  Fingers-crossed I wake up perky as on Saturday.


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Spring Shopping

Hello! I’ve been unintentionally quiet this week. I’ve got lots brewing that I want to write about, but I’m just getting things in order so that I can do it properly – you know, with pretty pictures and all.

What I can let you know is that I’ve been lining up some markets. First off the bat is the Berhampore Primary School Sip ‘n Shop evening on Friday 20 September 2013 from 7.00 – 9.00pm. I dropped off my stall payment today, along with my donation for their raffle. If you head along on the night and buy a raffle ticket you could win this delightful pencil case.

A pencil case featuring dreamy foxes on a pink background
My donation for the raffle prize

Then the next day I’ll be at the Spring Knack at Berhampore School, 9.30am – 1.30pm. Well, when I say I’ll be there, it’s yet to be confirmed whether I myself will be there or at the shop, but I certainly have a stall. 🙂

If you ever want to check on what is coming up, I’ve just set up a calendar. You can find it here.

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Winter is for snuggling down

Super quick post tonight – Just to let you know that I’ll be at the knack market at Berhampore this weekend. Well, I’ll at the knack evening market tomorrow, and you’ll be able to find my work there at the winter knack market on Saturday too.  I myself will be at Made It, and Melina will be looking after my stall and hers at the knack.

I’ve been working on a few new things to take with me, including these hottie covers, who are totally snuggle-worthy!

Hot water bottle covers
Snuggle up!

And now I’m off to bed. Night all!

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I can see the top of my cutting table!


This bodes well for me being able to cut things out!
This bodes well for me being able to cut things out!

I knew progress was going to slow somewhat on the makeover last week, because I had a full week of work (as in seven days).  I’m working from home today, admin for the shop and my contracting work, and sewing.  Well, I will be sewing as soon as I can… So far I’ve managed to unearth the cutting table, which had everything that needed to be kept flat (maps, patterns, etc) piled up on it.  Next step is the ironing station!

Being able to sew again is rather urgent, as I’ve signed up to do Newtown Fair this coming Sunday with Melina Martin and her friend Amanda from TigerBlossom.  Guess how much stock I have on hand. Go on, guess.


Yep, none.




I’m also hoping I’ve finally managed to tweak my settings back so people can comment again.  People.  Not spammers.

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I <3 Felt - and it's A Craft Affair

I guess it’s no secret. I <3 handmade. And this weekend I’ll be making that love public at A Craft Affair in Christchurch.

This week I feature some of my fellow sellers at A Craft Affair. Many are from Christchurch and Canterbury, and then there are few from further afield (like me). A Craft Affair has taken over the mantle of Craft2.0 in Christchurch, so all the sellers are handpicked and everything there is guaranteed to be amazing.

Official a craft affair flier

Do come along and say hello, and check out all the lovely handmade wares, such as those below, on offer this Sunday, 11am till 3pm, at Our City O-Tautahi, corner of Worcester Boulevard and Oxford Terrace, Christchurch.

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Just a quick reminder…

…that tomorrow is the mid-winter knack market!

This friendly craft fair is a great way to find out who is new on the Wellington craft scene, and of course there are always lots of your favourite sellers there too 🙂

So, can you guess where I’ll be from 9.30 until 1.30 tomorrow?

Here’s a hint… this is my stall from the autumn knack.

A quick snap taken during a lull. Proof that my favourite sales assistant is a total hunk!

There’s a new venue this time, so make sure you check the details and head to South Wellington Intermediate tomorrow to indulge in some crafy shopping therapy.

Make sure you check the details so you turn up to the right place!

See you tomorrow! <3 <3

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Craft2.0 was massive!

After promising last week that Wednesday was the day that I was going to update my blog, I missed doing it this week.  But I think I had reasonable excuse: I was in a mad panic trying to get ready for Craft2.0, which was yesterday at the Dowse in Lower Hutt.

The Sewphist's stall at Craft2.0

Yesterday was fantastic!  I had one of the most perfect spots imaginable, right by the door, and as was against the security grill, I was allowed to hang my bags on it to display them.

I was also very lucky to be sharing a table with the lovely Anmea of Little Ladies (her husband was briefly spelling her on the stall so she could take a break with her tiny baby when Ryan was taking pics).  I adore Anmea’s work, and usually treat myself to one of her fine art tiles at each fair we’re both at.  Yesterday was so busy though that I didn’t get a chance to choose a new one, even though I was right beside her!  (I shall be rectifying that with an online purchase very soon).

Unfortunately I didn’t get much of a chance to get a look around at all, because the day really was incredibly busy from the time the doors opened for preview shopping for Friends of Craft2.0, right through until 3 pm when the fair closed (there were still people coming through the doors right up ’til the last minute).  I did however get a chance to pick up a set of coasters from Freedom Creative – I would of missed out if I hadn’t put my name on them when Emma did her sneak peek blog post!

Everyone I spoke to yesterday had a fantastic time, and the blog posts, emails and tweets from both buyers and sellers all say it was the best yet.  We are very lucky here in Wellington to have Sue and Tash putting together such a lovely event;  I’m really looking forward to the next one already!

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I <3 Me Wednesday

Yes, yes, I know that it is Wednesday, and I should be doing an I <3 Felt post, but I also have come to the realisation that I only really get time to do one blog post a week, and that I should actually talk about myself sometimes (hey, I’m a kiwi, it doesn’t come that easily!).

So, I’ve decided that this week I should update you with some of the things I’ve been doing.

  • Applying for Craft Fairs. I’ve got a few coming up in the next few weeks.
  • Craft2.0, 12 June 2010 at the Dowse in Lower Hutt. You can check out my crafter’s profile here. Make sure you also read all about all the other talented people who will be selling that day too. If you haven’t been to Craft2.0 yet, it is well worth the trip to Lower Hutt (it’s closer than you think:  it takes less than 15 minutes from the Wellington CBD by car, just a little longer on the bus, or the Dowse is approximately a 20 minute stroll from Waterloo Station). Extra special for the June Craft2.0 is that the installation of It’s a Tree! will be complete, and you can come along and wonder at the marvellous work that has been put together by Tash from Knitsch.
  • Mid-Winter Knack, Saturday 26 June in the Wellington South Intermediate School Hall.  This is a great market to head along to to see who’s new in the Wellington Craft Scene.  It’s very family-friendly, there is always a good ol’ cake stall and yummy hot food as well.
  • A Craft Affair, Sunday 11 July at Our City O-Tautahi in Christchurch (Yes, I’m heading South for this one!).  This is a new market in Christchurch, taking over the mantle of the Christchurch Craft2.0.  Organised and curated by Lucy from Felt, it is sure to be a fantastic fair, and I am very excited to be included in the line up.
  • Working on new things – some new bags, purses, and most recently, bangles.
  • Looking at pretty stuff on Felt! (of course I couldn’t resist)
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It’s the autumn knack tomorrow

If you’re in the Wellington region, you’ve probably noticed that the weather has changed decidedly over the last two weeks. I guess there is no denying now that autumn is upon us. But that’s not all bad news, because it also means that it’s time for the autumn knack.

Once again Justine and her team have been working hard behind the scenes to put together a great fair, and tomorrow is the big day. According to metservice, it should be a stunning day tomorrow in Wellington, all the better to browse the outside stalls. Of course, you don’t want to spend too long out in those rays, so make sure you pop inside too – because that’s where I’ll be!

The autumn knack last year was my first ever market experience. I’ve been at every knack market since, and I’m really happy that I’ll be there again tomorrow. I hope to see lots of you there, and if you’ve got a stall there too, I hope you have a wonderful day!

2010 autumn knack flier