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Time for a proper update – or why I’ve become such a bad blogger

Back in June last year I declared the start of a year of productive non-employment. My job had come to an end (it wasn’t a great time to be on a fixed-term employment contract in the public sector…) and I decided that it was time to do some of the things I’d been thinking about for ages. Like spending more time sewing, trying to build up my business, starting a MA translating French Literature, and maybe doing the odd bit of contract work to help tide me over.

As everyone knows, the best laid plans of mice and men… and all that.  Two weeks into my year (and approximately 100 pages of reading potential translation texts) an opportunity dropped into my lap.  An opportunity that I’d always wanted, but hadn’t dared to articulate for my year of productive non-employment.  That opportunity that I think secretly all of us who slave over our sewing machines/knitting needles/hot glue guns/vector art programmes dream of.


A shop.

And it dropped into my lap.

Well, as much as it is possible for a shop to drop into a lap.  Rather, fellow-Wellingtonian Melina Martin approached me, and others like me, to go in on a business venture. She’d seen the perfect location.  All we needed was elbow grease, enthusiasm, and the willingness to commit ourselves to the mad venture.

Our very first shop window - August 2011


Originally we planned for 6 months, to get us through to Christmas, and to see how it went. And it went! So over a year on, and is starting to become known around Wellington. It’s still a lot of hard work. Sometimes I still think we’re crazy. But it’s also incredibly fulfilling to be doing something I’ve always wanted to, and at the same time providing a venue for other small businesses like my own to have their work available throughout the week and year.

Somewhere along the line, we turned 1

So, slightly more than a year on, I’m feeling pretty good about declaring that year of productive non-employment.  Even if I haven’t quite gotten around to starting that Masters yet…

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It’s been way too long!

And I have so much to talk about, but in the meantime, here’s a montage of some of my work.  I wish I had better pictures of my more recent satchels, but they keep on selling before I get myself organised to take proper shots of them.

A few things I've made

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Martinborough Fair – this thing is happening!

If you live in the Wellington region, you may have heard of the Martinborough Fair, held on the first Saturday of Feb and March every year. Well, until this year, when a weatherbomb headed our way, and they had to postpone the March event. It’s now been set for Saturday 5 May, and I’m going to be there, stall sharing with my most awesome friend Nini from Things Unseen.  Nini’s jewellery is beautiful, and I’m really excited about travelling up there with her.  It’s going to be an awesome day!

I need to make more stock.  Lots more stock.  Eek!

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Craft2.0 is having a Birthday!

I haven’t been very good recently about talking about my upcoming markets, but I really must tell you about what’s happening next Saturday.  I am a huge fan of Craft2.0, both as a shopper, and as a seller.  And this Saturday is Craft2.0’s 5th Birthday.

Craft2.0 Easter 2011 Details

Craft2.0 is a an amazing day, all due to the fantastic work put in by Sue and the wonderful volunteers who help her put it all together and keep it running on the day.  It is also held in a great venue, at the Dowse in Lower Hutt (if by any chance you actually manage to get around and see all the wonderful craft, cupcakes and other goodies on offer, you can take some time out to look at the exhibitions that are happening too).

Head on over to to find out more, and while you’re there, why don’t you check out my Meet the Creatives profile.  And tell you what, as a birthday treat, if you come up to me on the day and tell me what my favourite flower is, I’ll give you a special 10% discount on your purchase from my stall.

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I <3 Markets

It’s been a busy weekend, and the weeks leading up to it too! This weekend I was at both Craft2.0 on Saturday, and the Newtown fair on Sunday, and I met so many lovely people at both of them.

I’m working on getting my Felt and Etsy stores up to date at the moment, but in the meantime, if you are keen to check out images of what I’ve been working on, I’m getting photos loaded on The Sewphist’s Facebook Fan page as quickly as possible. You can see excerpts below at the bottom of this page, or click here to go directly to my photo galleries.

If you see anything that you’d like that I don’t have listed on either of my shops yet, drop me a line and I’ll set one up for you.

<3 Elisabeth

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The rains poured down

I’ve finally broken the sewing drought, and while the rains poured down yesterday I made eleven new notebook covers.

New Notebooks
New notebook covers

By the end of this week I plan to have turned these fabrics into market tote bags.

Orange and apple canvas fabric

Rock Chick and Giant Red Fleur de Lis fabrics
Funky and Classic

PS: I only need one more Facebook fan before I can make the draw!

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Just checking in!

Oops, I didn’t get a chance to to a Wednesday Felt Showcase this week. Next week, I promise!

In the meantime, I’ve been shopping for some new fabrics for making notebook covers and tote bags. My stash is growing at an alarming rate, so I need to remember that holidays are over and start sewing again! I would post pictures of the new fabric, but the connection between the camera and laptop is playing up today. 🙁

Anyway, I promise I’ll have made something new by the end of this week. Promise!

Also, I’m itching to do a giveaway over on The Sewphist’s Facebook Fan page. I’ve been promising to do it as soon as I get to 100 fans, but those last three are eluding me! So, if you haven’t yet, mosey on over there and become a fan. There’s a link at the bottom of the page. Go on, you know you want to. It’ll put you in the draw for a reusable notebook cover (two to be given away!)

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Make it a handmade Christmas!

Here’s an idea: why not get all your Christmas shopping out of the way by the end of the first week of December?

With two great Craft Markets coming up in Wellington this week, it’ll be easily done!

There’s going to be a special pre-Christmas Craft2.0 at the Dowse on the evening of Thursday, 3 December 2009.  Come along and check out what all the best, lovely crafty people in Wellington have been up to.


Dec Craft2.0 at the Dowse
Dec Craft2.0 at the Dowse


Then next Saturday, 5 December will be the kristmas knack market.  The knack markets are a great fundraiser held at and supporting Berhampore school.  If you haven’t gone along to the knack yet, you should.  You’ll discover a wonderful community feel, many lovely crafters, great coffee, and the best darn paua fritters you’ve ever had!


kristmas knack flier
kristmas knack flier

I’ll be at both, with special stocking stuffer specials on my Notebook Covers!

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This is all very new…

Heh, it’s taken me months to work out how to install the software to set this up, so it might be baby steps at first to get the site looking pretty. 

Anyway, welcome to my new site.  I hope you’ll stick around.  I promise to do my best to keep my posts interesting.