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Markets this weekend

I just had to make one of those calls that really suck.  I’ve been fighting off a virus all week, and by the time I closed the shop today I had to admit that there is no way that I would be in a fit state by the end of tomorrow to run my stall at Belmont School’s Sip’n’Shop Night Out.  If you live in Lower Hutt, you should still head along, because I find that small events like this have such a wonderful atmosphere, and there is always someone new to discover on the craft circuit at them.  Plus they had amazing raffle prizes last year, and you’ve got to be in to win…

Sip n shop flyer jpeg pub.

At this stage I am hoping that if I take it easy tonight and tomorrow I will be up to being at the Spring knack on Saturday. The knack is probably my favourite fair.  It’s always so lovely to see the school community getting in behind an event, and Berhampore School certainly does that here.  There is always a great range of food, and there is always at least one stall run by the students themselves (delicious fudge and awesome cordials are a couple of recent examples).

2013 Spring Knack for email

They do also have a Knack-cessories night market happening on Friday night, if you feel like some shopping without the kiddiewinks.  I won’t be at that, but there will be other great stalls!

2013 Spring Night Market for email

Right, I’m off to slaver myself in Vicks, puff some more Ventolin and down some paracetamol to ease my suffering.  Fingers-crossed I wake up perky as on Saturday.