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Studio Makeover – the beginning

The end of 2012 ended up being a little hectic in my world. I ended up juggling working three contracts for IT Training on top of doubling my commitment in running the shop, and trying to get stock made for Christmas. Unfortunately there was also a bereavement in my family – my father passed away in November.

Because I was constantly just trying to keep my head above water with everything that was happening, my workroom, which is usually terribly disorganised (to say the least) has descended into utter chaos. Which is sad, because just before everything started getting so hectic, one of my good friends had come over and helped me start out on a big reorganisation project (she loves organising things even more than making things, so I sat and sewed for her while she tidied for me. WIN/WIN!).

This state of chaos can no longer continue – I need a massive tidy up. Continue reading Studio Makeover – the beginning