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Welcome to the Great WSBN Sewing Room Tour – Last Stop: Me!

You may have seen me make mention a couple of times of a group that I’m part of called the WSBN: Wellington Sewing Bloggers Network.  We’re a group of somewhat single like-minded women who share a joy of sewing.  In the middle of winter, Gemma from Sixty Six Stitches suggested that we kickstart our mid-winter blogging again with a tour of all our sewing rooms.  Most of us acquiesced, the tour started on the first day of September (the first day of spring!) and now we’ve arrived at the end (slightly behind schedule, I will admit (and it’s all my fault).

If you want to start at the very beginning, pop on over to Gemma’s post, which was the first stop on the tour, and follow us all the way through.

Now, when I signed up for this, I knew I had a holiday booked, and a market to prepare for the day after I got home (and for the two weeks before I left) but I was feeling confident that I could still make it happen, as long as I had a couple of days grace after my return.  So I was scheduled for the 22nd.

For your titillation, I actually did take some photos on the 21st, while my workroom was in full post-market chaos.

WARNING, it ain’t pretty. Continue reading Welcome to the Great WSBN Sewing Room Tour – Last Stop: Me!

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Workroom makeover update!

Well, it’s been a long time coming, but I have done some more work on my workroom makeover.  There was a bit of a prompt for this.  For the last 2 months, we’ve had this in our garage.

A garage full of pink batts
These have been busy keeping our garage warm over winter.

When they first arrived, it felt like my birthday (in fact, it was a few days after my birthday, but the prospect of a toasty warm house this winter certainly felt like a birthday present).  I had visions of spending my winter like this: Continue reading Workroom makeover update!

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I can see the top of my cutting table!


This bodes well for me being able to cut things out!
This bodes well for me being able to cut things out!

I knew progress was going to slow somewhat on the makeover last week, because I had a full week of work (as in seven days).  I’m working from home today, admin for the shop and my contracting work, and sewing.  Well, I will be sewing as soon as I can… So far I’ve managed to unearth the cutting table, which had everything that needed to be kept flat (maps, patterns, etc) piled up on it.  Next step is the ironing station!

Being able to sew again is rather urgent, as I’ve signed up to do Newtown Fair this coming Sunday with Melina Martin and her friend Amanda from TigerBlossom.  Guess how much stock I have on hand. Go on, guess.


Yep, none.




I’m also hoping I’ve finally managed to tweak my settings back so people can comment again.  People.  Not spammers.

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Someday never happens, so let today be the day – studio makeover stage one

On Wednesday I said I was going to start tidying my workroom.  And I did!  When I do these things, I like to do them properly, so after I’d cleared the floor, I started washing the walls down.

When I went to bed on Wednesday (well, Thursday) the room looked like this:

Bedtime on Wednesday - it is at least all clean.
Bedtime on Wednesday – it is at least all clean.

By the time I was half-way around the office/sewing area I had the realisation that you always need to wash the walls with sugar soap before you start painting, and seeing as I was in the middle of doing that anyway… Continue reading Someday never happens, so let today be the day – studio makeover stage one

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Studio Makeover – the beginning

The end of 2012 ended up being a little hectic in my world. I ended up juggling working three contracts for IT Training on top of doubling my commitment in running the shop, and trying to get stock made for Christmas. Unfortunately there was also a bereavement in my family – my father passed away in November.

Because I was constantly just trying to keep my head above water with everything that was happening, my workroom, which is usually terribly disorganised (to say the least) has descended into utter chaos. Which is sad, because just before everything started getting so hectic, one of my good friends had come over and helped me start out on a big reorganisation project (she loves organising things even more than making things, so I sat and sewed for her while she tidied for me. WIN/WIN!).

This state of chaos can no longer continue – I need a massive tidy up. Continue reading Studio Makeover – the beginning