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Burning the candle at both ends and random acts of kindness

Progress has stalled somewhat on the workroom makeover – early starts, lots of admin, and needing to sew have taken their toll, but I am happy to report that things are definitely a lot tidier now, and I can indeed turn on the iron and the elnapress without risk of burning the house down.  Which is very important on two counts:

  1. Pressing/ironing is an incredibly important and oft repeated step in the sewing process if you want good results.
  2. I like my house. It is a wonderful home, and it would be a disaster if ironing created a fire hazard.

I’ve been burning the midnight oil a bit this week.  I’ve had the monthly pay cycle to run, the GST return to calculate and pay, training sessions to facilitate and support, and the opening of the French Film Festival to attend.  And sewing to do.  I’m going to be at the Newtown Fair this Sunday, sharing a stall with Melina, my business partner from, and her friend Amanda from TigerBlossom (who we also stock at the shop).  You’ll be able to find us on Green Street.

At least I'll have some coin purses on Sunday.
Sewing did happen – at least I’ll have some coin purses on Sunday.

All this has left me feeling pretty tired and stressed out.  Last night I made myself switch off social media for a couple of hours so I could get the GST done, and when I had finished, I treated myself to a quick perusal of what I’d missed.

Random act of tweeting
Random act of tweeting

At first glance, I was flattered, but a little suspicious – I don’t go clicking links without knowing what they lead to.  So I did a little digging, and discovered that Jonathon Hagger has a blog, RandomKiwiTweeters. His resolution this year was to follow New Zealanders on twitter, and write reviews of the accounts he finds interesting. Somehow I made the grade, and his post yesterday was about me!  I was so touched by this (and being so tired, it might have even made me tear up a little). Reading it, I’m pretty sure Hagger must be very familiar with various personality profiling tools, as it is scarily close to the mark. He has another twitter account and blog focused on management and leadership, which I’m going to follow.  These are interesting topics, even when your practice focuses on IT and Systems Training.

Thank you Jonathon, you made my day yesterday!


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  1. That’s so cool Lis! Great to get such recognition in such a nice way.

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