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I can see the top of my cutting table!


This bodes well for me being able to cut things out!
This bodes well for me being able to cut things out!

I knew progress was going to slow somewhat on the makeover last week, because I had a full week of work (as in seven days).  I’m working from home today, admin for the shop and my contracting work, and sewing.  Well, I will be sewing as soon as I can… So far I’ve managed to unearth the cutting table, which had everything that needed to be kept flat (maps, patterns, etc) piled up on it.  Next step is the ironing station!

Being able to sew again is rather urgent, as I’ve signed up to do Newtown Fair this coming Sunday with Melina Martin and her friend Amanda from TigerBlossom.  Guess how much stock I have on hand. Go on, guess.


Yep, none.




I’m also hoping I’ve finally managed to tweak my settings back so people can comment again.  People.  Not spammers.

Illustration of a tauhou or waxeye perched on a twig of kōwhai.

Tēnā koe,
it’s nice to meet you.

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