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Burning the candle at both ends and random acts of kindness

Progress has stalled somewhat on the workroom makeover – early starts, lots of admin, and needing to sew have taken their toll, but I am happy to report that things are definitely a lot tidier now, and I can indeed turn on the iron and the elnapress without risk of burning the house down.  Which is very important on two counts:

  1. Pressing/ironing is an incredibly important and oft repeated step in the sewing process if you want good results.
  2. I like my house. It is a wonderful home, and it would be a disaster if ironing created a fire hazard. Continue reading Burning the candle at both ends and random acts of kindness
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Craft2.0 was massive!

After promising last week that Wednesday was the day that I was going to update my blog, I missed doing it this week.  But I think I had reasonable excuse: I was in a mad panic trying to get ready for Craft2.0, which was yesterday at the Dowse in Lower Hutt.

The Sewphist's stall at Craft2.0

Yesterday was fantastic!  I had one of the most perfect spots imaginable, right by the door, and as was against the security grill, I was allowed to hang my bags on it to display them.

I was also very lucky to be sharing a table with the lovely Anmea of Little Ladies (her husband was briefly spelling her on the stall so she could take a break with her tiny baby when Ryan was taking pics).  I adore Anmea’s work, and usually treat myself to one of her fine art tiles at each fair we’re both at.  Yesterday was so busy though that I didn’t get a chance to choose a new one, even though I was right beside her!  (I shall be rectifying that with an online purchase very soon).

Unfortunately I didn’t get much of a chance to get a look around at all, because the day really was incredibly busy from the time the doors opened for preview shopping for Friends of Craft2.0, right through until 3 pm when the fair closed (there were still people coming through the doors right up ’til the last minute).  I did however get a chance to pick up a set of coasters from Freedom Creative – I would of missed out if I hadn’t put my name on them when Emma did her sneak peek blog post!

Everyone I spoke to yesterday had a fantastic time, and the blog posts, emails and tweets from both buyers and sellers all say it was the best yet.  We are very lucky here in Wellington to have Sue and Tash putting together such a lovely event;  I’m really looking forward to the next one already!

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It’s the autumn knack tomorrow

If you’re in the Wellington region, you’ve probably noticed that the weather has changed decidedly over the last two weeks. I guess there is no denying now that autumn is upon us. But that’s not all bad news, because it also means that it’s time for the autumn knack.

Once again Justine and her team have been working hard behind the scenes to put together a great fair, and tomorrow is the big day. According to metservice, it should be a stunning day tomorrow in Wellington, all the better to browse the outside stalls. Of course, you don’t want to spend too long out in those rays, so make sure you pop inside too – because that’s where I’ll be!

The autumn knack last year was my first ever market experience. I’ve been at every knack market since, and I’m really happy that I’ll be there again tomorrow. I hope to see lots of you there, and if you’ve got a stall there too, I hope you have a wonderful day!

2010 autumn knack flier
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Island Bay Festival Market

Just a quick update to let you know that if you’re in Wellington this weekend, the place to be is Island Bay. The Island Bay Festival runs from 13 – 21 Feb, and on Sunday 14 Feb there’s a market.

I’m going to be there, sharing a stall with Kate from Stitchlips. So put on your sunhat this Sunday, head along to The Esplanade, and don’t forget to drop by and say hi!

And now I better get back to sewing!